Friday, October 3, 2014

Scan results

So we got good news from D's scan....there are no new tumors and the tumors are "stable or decreased in size" which is also fabulous news! So we are waiting to hear from the surgeon after he has time to closely review them and make our official surgical plan. When we met with him earlier, we pretty much decided on one surgery through the sternum instead of two separate surgeries through the side doing one side at a time. Once he reviews the scans he will make his final decision on what he thinks is the best for her. We are hoping for only one surgery for the simple facts of reduced trauma, shorter recovery time, less time in pain, less chance of infection etc. But we will do whatever he feels is the best for her. A student in Max and Calleigh's class has been diagnosed with walking pneumonia...went home yesterday with 104 fever. A quick call to D's NP and suddenly we are homeschooling....briefly. Because D's surgery is next Wednesday and it is a LUNG surgery, it would be a huge risk to her health if she came down with this before/during/after surgery. Pray for us (or should I say my mom especially, because she had them all this afternoon and will have them all Monday and Tuesday.) They were very excited to get 3.5 days off of school...until I told them their teachers were sending us stuff for them to do and these weren't free days to just watch tv and play electronics. Trying to keep a 3 year old infection free with 3 in school is so exhausting and worrisome. Please pray that Lainey remains SUPER healthy from now until she is recovered from surgery...we will need all the prayers we can get on this!

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