Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slight Change of Plans

I know some of you only follow this story through the blog, not the caring bridge site, so I thought I would post our most recent "new" plan. Here is my Caring Bridge post from July 17th, 2014. I met with D's oncologist today. They had their tumor board yesterday and discussed next/additional steps in D's plan. The consensus in the short version is round 4 of chemo (July 30) then surgery on her arm to remove that tumor (possibly involving amputation above the elbow) around August 20th time frame. Then round 5 of chemo. Then surgery on lungs to remove tumors followed by round 6 of chemo. This would spread out the chemo treatments so they'd be farther than 3 weeks apart to allow for her to be healthy enough for surgery and then enough time for her to recover before the next round of chemo. Adam and I are both confident and comfortable with this plan. They are planning on doing a PET scan before the next round of chemo to get a baseline before surgeries. We will be talking with the two surgeons about the two surgeries to get more detailed info and ask all our questions. That will probably be when we are back here on the 30th. This is our plan for now but like anything it is subject to change as time goes on. Thanks for all the prayers along our journey, through it all we remember that God has got this, He brings us peace and comfort in knowing we have the best doctors, we continue to live our life as best as possible and we never forget how truly blessed we are, how much we are loved by all and how much God loves us and how much He loves D. That's all we need.


  1. Prayers for healing and deliverance from cancer for Delainey, peace for you all. We are truly amazed at God's strength in you during all this, and we will continue to join our faith with yours and all who are praying for this precious little darling.

  2. Continued prayers for Delainey's healing and deliverance from cancer, and peace for your family. We are amazed by how God is strengthening you in all this, and we join our faith with yours and everyone who is praying for this precious little darling!