Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Caring Bridge post from July 28th, 2014: We were supposed to be going to Madison on Wednesday for her scan and round 4 of chemo. But they couldn't get her scan scheduled on Wednesday. So we'll be spending my birthday weekend at the hospital. Maybe they can throw me party 🎂🎂🎂 Her PET scan is scheduled for Friday around noon. Then her chemo will start after that. We will meet with the doc who is performing her lung surgery while she is in for her scan. We will get the details on how he will remove all the tumors from her lungs. This surgery will probably be end of October/early November. On Tuesday we have a meeting with her orthopedic surgeon who will be doing her arm surgery/amputation, to go over those details. That surgery will probably be the last week of August/early September. She has been in a fabulous mood these past few days, doing dance parties and staying up late to "party". It's so great to see our girl so happy. Thanks for all the prayers!

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