Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This morning I am praying...praying for all in Oklahoma who have lost their children, their parents, their family, praying for the bad weather to stay away from Moore so they can rescue all those who are still missing. I cannot even imagine this type of devastation. I am hugging up my kids more than ever.

We are also praying for our Baby D (although she is 2 now and to some, not really a baby anymore--but she will always be Baby D to me). Delainey goes back to Madison on Thursday for her second 3 month checkup. We meet with the orthopedic surgeon and her oncologist. We would love if you could lift her, our family, and our travels up in prayer this week. 

Delainey after a fun day of pizza, sun, swimsuits, water, and a big ol' pile of dirt!