Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Honorary Child

We got a call last week that Delainey was chosen to be the SACS (Sparta Area Cancer Support) Honorary Child (or poster child for lack of a better term).

Each year they choose a man, a woman, a child and a couple. So their pictures will be on all the posters throughout the area, she gets to be in the Sparta Butterfest Parade, the Cashton Parade and she will be introduced before the start of the SACS walk which is on my moms birthday (Aug 16). Which also happens to be exactly one year to the day that we were told we needed to take her to Madison to see a Pediactic Orthopedic Oncologist.

Wow, how our lives are so different in a years time. We were honored that they chose her and we think she is such a HUGE inspiration for such a tiny little girl. If anyone wants to join "Team D" for the walk please let me know :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Owen's Birthday and Learning About Asia

Today at school they celebrated Owen's Birthday and learned about Asia.

Delainey in an Asian shawl.

Mystical Eyes.

Owen walking around the sun 4 times!!

Song was sung, treats were handed out and birthday poster shown.
Happy Birthday Big Guy!!