Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby D and OT

Delainey has been going to occupational therapy almost every week since she got her kitty arm.

The initial goal was to just get her to wear it without a fight----check.

Next was for her to use it as an assist (just help in holding bigger things)---check.

Next was to get her to just visually accept that it was there, like placing fun stickers on the split hook and then she needs to raise her arm up to see it---check.

Last week, she began her session by placing pegs in a foam type mat and then she needs to use her kitty arm to pull them out. Normally the therapist would sit behind her and help her raise her arm up to open it. Not that day....she proudly sat up and did it by herself the first time. It was so awesome to see this!!

Today was the same way. I am so proud of this girl!! She is amazing and smart and so tolerant as well as very independent! This girl continues to teach us patience, faith, determination and perseverance EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Our "baby" D is a rock star!!

Pulling pegs from the board!

Getting the purple one!

Acting all shy when we clapped for her!

Erin helping her pull apart two pegs that were stuck together.