Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitty Arm

Today was the day we ventured 3 hours to Shriners in the Twin Cities, 6:30 and we were out the door.
Luckily the roads were pretty good.

After one day with her new arm (kitty arm) Delainey has handled it like everything else in her life...beautifly. She was a little apprehensive at first, but let the prosthetist put it on. Then we went to OT which she did great at, we all learned how she needs to open and close the hook.

On the way home she was playing with the hook and said "open...close" just like the OT did. She loves the kitties on it, the kids thought it was cool, and like all else....she will do great!!! Thanks for all your prayers for our little one.
Waiting for her new arm!!

It holds a blankie!!! That's very important!

Taking the baby for a walk during OT.

Mastering holding toys in OT.

My brave girl.

We were supposed to be headed to Madison tomorrow for her re-check and scans but our area and the Madison area is under a winter weather advisory calling for snow, sleet, ice, etc. So our appointments were switched to next Thursday. Looks like I get to spend Valentines Day with my littlest Sweetheart.