Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well we were successful in surprising our kids with a much needed family trip to Florida. My parents, along with my brothers, their wives and children and our family went to Orlando for 11 (which turned into 13) days. The day we were supposed to return our flight to Chicago was cancelled because of the weather, so we enjoyed 2 extra days on Daytona Beach and all the kids enjoyed the ocean for the first time.

We went to Magic Kingdom for 2 days, Universal Studios for 2 days, Busch Gardens in Tampa for 2 days, Seaworld, and the rest of the time we played in the pool and at the beach. It was actually relaxing! And all the kids enjoyed some good cousin time. It was beautiful and 70+ every day we were there, with the exception of one morning of rain.

Delainey loved having her little baby cousins there to tend to, she cannot get enough of those 2 boys. It was great to have this time to focus solely on family without the worries and stress of work, school, doctor appointments, etc. It was much needed, but we are back in the full swing of real life again!

Next week, we head back to Shriners in the cities to pick up Delainey's new arm and the next day we head back to Madison for her 3 month re-check, scans and surgical follow-up, we are praying for all scans to be clear and our baby to still be cancer-free!! I will post more on that when we get back from Madison. But for now here are some pictures from Florida.

Calleigh with Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster at Busch Gardens

Calleigh and Jaelyn at Busch Gardens

The view from our hotel room in Daytona Beach.

Spidey with Owen, Calleigh and Max at Universal Studios.

Adam and Max on the Pteranadon Flyers at Magic Kingdom

Calleigh at the Castle at Magic Kingdom

My Very Own Princesses Calleigh and Delainey

Calleigh and Max on the tractor outside of the Twister ride at Universal Studios

Sand Castle construction on Daytona Beach

Calleigh and Delainey at Magic Kingdom

The 3 Amigas Delainey, Calleigh and Jaelyn

Delainey LOVED the dolphins at Seaworld.

Owen enjoying one of many Shamu Bars.

Max and Owen at Sesame Street in Busch Gardens

Delainey and Jaelyn enjoying some Shaun the Sheep

Max by the train in the Harry Potter portion of Magic Kingdom

Adam and Delainey chilling and watching some elephants at Busch Gardens.

Max's bendaroo glasses he made at Margaritaville at Universal Studios.

Delainey checking out the birds at Busch Gardens.

Delainey and Jaelyn taking a chip break at Busch Gardens

Owen in his glory meeting Georgie!!!

Max hauling Calleigh off to jail


Max and a cannon....Universal Studios I think.

Part of our troop at Magic Kingdom.