Monday, January 7, 2013


Measuring and casting for her prosthetic.

First Visit to Shriners

Today we visited Shriners Hospital in the Twin Cities. What a neat place. Everyone was fantastic. We got to check out the variety of prosthetics available for Delainey. She was measured and casted for hers and we placed our "order". It truly was as simple as that.

The kids get to pick a fabric they would like on their prosthetic. So they wheeled in a wagon full of different fabrics. It was a tough decision but she decided on a hot pink fabric with cute black cats and some sparkles. She loves "kittys" so hopefully it will be fun for her to wear.

We go back on February 5th to pick up her new arm! She tried on one a couple times while we were there, it was too big for her but it had Barbie on it, so she was willing. At least she wasn't scared of it. This will definately be a learning process for all of us. But Shriners is certainly an excellent resource for us.