Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss LaCrosse Pageant has been a while since I have posted on here sorry!! I will try to get caught up.
September 21st was the Miss LaCrosse Pageant and we were fortunate enough to make it a girls night,
Delainey, big sister Calleigh, my mom, "Grandma" Betty (a sweet, dear friend of ours) and myself got dressed up, went out for a fun supper and headed to the Pageant.
The Miss America Organization is one of Delainey's minor sponsors for CMN. WOW! What a night!

First of all, I never fully understood what goes into being a Miss Girl. This is a HUGE commitment for these girls and their families. The amount of community service that each girl needs to do, the fundraising they commit to, the events, the hearts they touch, the good they do...and on and is unbelievable. It is NOT just a beauty contest.

So about halfway through the event Delainey and I were to go on stage and talk about her journey for a minute and how CMN has helped us. As we were standing backstage, I hear it, I hear D's montage to "Girl on Fire" I hear my voice, then Adam's then I lose it. I knew they were going to play her pictures and I guess I should've figured they would play it, but I didn't and I wasn't prepared for it. I was sobbing backstage without a Kleenex! Then I had to go on stage with her and talk!! Oh my! Talk about emotional!
But I wiped the tears and we walked out... then this happened...and I lost it again.

Delainey's Standing Ovation at Miss LaCrosse

Afterwards, Delainey had MANY more fans!!! She had her picture taken with a slew of "princesses" as she calls them. It truly touched our hearts and from the feedback we got from the girls, Delainey touched many herself that night.

We were able to raise $350 for CMN all while having a blast!

Thank you CMN and Miss Girls for an unforgettable night!!

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