Monday, May 13, 2013

Delainey is 2!!!

Out little lady turned 2 at the beginning of the month. I still cannot believe it!

She has been through a lot this past year but she has gotten through it with faith, hope, love, strength, grace and smiles! And she gave us the strength to get through it with her!

We love this little girl to pieces and could not imagine our lives without her!

Trying out the new bouncy ball.

D loves her big sister so much!!

Cleaning their feet after being outside.


Her butterfly birthday cake, it looks pretty sad because she fell asleep right before cake time on the day of her party so we put it in the freezer and did it a couple days later. So the m&m's melted when we took it out, looks like a tie dyed mess of a cake now :)

Snuggling with her big sis.


Being silly on the way to school on her birthday.

She is kind of famous for making it to the kitchen in the morning and then laying back down on the kitchen floor. I am not even sure how mnay pictures I have of her like this.

Owen and D were waiting for me to get cookies out of the freezer, but I guess I took to long because they went and got a blanket.

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