Thursday, February 28, 2013


We finally made it to Madison today and didn't need to cancel her appointment because of the weather. We had a re-check with her top notch surgical team...and her scar is doing great, she is healing beautifully (as if she could heal any other way!) and they felt no lumps in her armpits or neck---GREAT NEWS!! Then we had about 20 minutes before her next appointment so we stopped for a minute to visit with her Radiologist (whom we thankfully never needed to actually use--but she is a terrific lady!) She was glad to see D and see she was doing so great with the path we had chosen. Then we were off to see her oncologist. She had a chest x-ray and we headed home. After a quick lunch at Red Robin we were on the road again. We found out about 6pm that her x-ray was CLEAR!!! Our baby is still CANCER FREE!!! You truly cannot even imagine the joy in our hearts. God is so good!!!

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