Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The cast is off!

On our way home from Madison. The cast is off!

Delainey did very well, she didn't like it necessarily but she did good. Mom, dad and Calleigh did good too!

Her arm is a little sensitive but it doesn't seem to be terribly bothersome to her. She can finally bend her elbow, I am sure that feels good!

She has a compression sleeve on it to help reduce the swelling quicker so we are on track for her first prosthetic appointment in January.

I am sure her first bath will feel good to soak off all the tape and bandage residue, and to not have a plastic bag taped to her arm!

We don't have to go back to Madison until February now, unless we see signs of the cancer returning (in lymph nodes, etc). We would love and appreciate all prayers possible to keep our little girl cancer free. If it does come back treatment will be a lot rougher than this time around. We pray she will never need to go through that.

For now,we are starting occupational therapy on Thursday in LaCrosse. Then our first prosthetic appointment at Shriners in the Twin cities is at the beginning of January.

God Bless you all for your prayers, cards, notes, treats, etc! We are truly blessed!

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