Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17th, 2012

Just a quick little update on our little one. She is doing fantastic. She did great in OT last week. She has great range of motion in her shoulder and her elbow. So that is good. We have been "trying" to put Vitamin E oil on her scar, although she seems to do better at this when Adam is assisting.

She is wearing her compression sock or "sockie" as she likes to call it. She is comforted by it, so that is good. It is certainy helping with the swelling. By the time her Jan 7th appointment rolls around for her prosthetic she should be all set.

Last night she took "sockie" off and wanted me to kiss her owie, so I did. Then she kissed it, smiled and ran away. She is amazing.

We are blessed to have a happy and healthy family this Christmas and are holding them all close,  especially after Friday's tragic event in Connecticut. God Bless those little angels, those brave heroes and their families who are still here with an emptiness inside their hearts.

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