Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday September 27th, 2012

Delainey is doing well. You'd never know she just had major surgery! She has slept good the last two nights. She has adapted very well to her arm in a cast from her fingers to her shoulder. Let me tell you it doesn't slow her down!

She's supposed to keep her cast clean and dry, real realistic for a 16 month old. But I am cutting up small pairs up tights to cover up her cast. Keeps the cast clean and we can wash them when needed and they are fun patterns!

Owen and Calleigh came home from Grandma Hayden's last night. What a sight! All four of them were so excited to see each other. What a sweet moment! Delainey couldn't stop giving hugs and kisses to everyone! Her recheck is in two weeks then we can make the appointment to discuss radiation and any other treatment. It will probably be a 3-4 hour meeting. We have a lot of decisions to make.

But for now we are just going about our day to day. For the most part we are okay. We can still smile and enjoy our family, our little girl and our life. It is not easy, there are moments with tears, there are days with tears, but we are strong and faithful so we will get through it. I cannot say enough how blessed we are! Our families are amazing, our friends are wonderful, the doctors and nurses are simply perfect and God is GREAT!

Thank you all for your prayers, we would love it if you could continue them. God Bless!

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