Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday October 25th, 2012

I started putting together Delainey's journal last night and I worked on it more tonight. As I am reading through my posts on FB I am realizing what a rollercoaster the last 3 months have been. Good News---Bad News---Different News---Okay News---Better Than Nothing News---UGH! Didn't think we were Going to Hear That! News---Good News--- Bad News---etc, etc, etc!

Since we made our "decision" ther
e has been peace in this household. We haven't had any doctor appointments for a week now and we don't have any until the surgery in 3 and a half weeks. Our life seems like it's back to "normal".

Delainey is not "sick", she doesn't act sick, look sick, etc. So there are moments where I forget about all that is going on. I love those moments, however brief they may be.

Well off to bed finally! No school tomorrow!

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