Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday November 15th, 2012

We got to Madison about 12:15, so we got my parents checked into their hotel room. Oh a whim I called to make sure we still needed to be there at 1:30. She said they are a little behind so we could come at 2:30 instead, then we wouldn't have to sit in the little room for an hour waiting. She still can't eat or drink, so more prayers for "satisfaction" would be great. We are running up and down the halls of the hotel and taking many elevator rides. Glad we are waiting here instead of there.

She is still playing in the play room, hoping to have surgery start at 4:30 or so. A couple surgeries before hers took longer which of course pushes everything back. I'll keep you all posted.

She's is in surgery now, started about 10m ago (4:30ish) Should be 6:30-7 when she's done. 8 ish when she's in recovery. Thanks for the prayers.

Our baby girl is cancer free! Praying that it never comes back! Still waiting to see her and kiss her up.

In our recovery room, she is resting. She looks beautiful.

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