Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday November 18th, 2012

So our first night home went well. Delainey slept good and was pain free all night. Although I does a tiny 18 month old take up so much of my queen sized bed that I am literally hanging off the edge????

She had a bath this morning and loved it, it was her first one since Thursday morning. I am sure that felt great. She has been very happy today and playing like crazy, she even wrest
led with daddy a little bit.

We know we still have a long road ahead with PT/OT, surgical re-checks, oncology appointments for life, prosthetic appointments for life, scans every 3-6 months for life, etc. and we know we will have some hard days, more painful days for her, but for now we are very thankful for how she has felt so far. We will take every good day we can get.

My mom took home a bunch of D's shirts to make the left sleeve openings a little wider to get her arm in easier. Once we get that done we should be all set.

Thanks for all the continued prayers.


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