Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday September 24th, 2012

Reading to roll to the hospital. Thank you for all the prayers for our baby girl!


Our baby girl is still back in surgery. No news yet, so hopefully it is going as planned. She should be done between 9:30/10. Thanks again for all the prayers.

Her surgery was done at 9:30, we are just waiting for her to wake up. Just talked to the doc and all went well and went as he expected. I will write a more detailed update a little later once she is settled in recovery. Max has been very brave and helpful today.
D is sleeping in my arms.
The surgery went well. The arteries and 2 main nerves were NOT in the tumor, so that is great news. That means that her blood supply to her hand was not affected and she should still have feeling/sensation in her hand.
There were tendons that were involved in the tumor that had to be removed, which can/will cause loss of function in parts of her hand. We won't know how much until she starts using it again. But we did see her fingers move so that's good. The tumor wedged itself along and between her two arm bones so they had to remove the membrane on the bone. Which could cause the bones to fuse together but it's another "time will tell" thing. Radiation is still a likely option at this point. Most likely we will go home tomorrow. Then we will begin planning the next step.
Thanks for all the prayers!
Adam, Max and grandpa are headed back to Sparta. So it's a girls night at the hospital ;) hopefully grandma and I can get "some" sleep. Otherwise maybe I will earn an early bedtime tomorrow night. Hope to be discharged tomorrow-midmorning


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