Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Friday August 10th, 2012

We met with the ped surgeon today. After seeing the bump and noting it's placement he wanted to speak with a hand surgeon. Luckily he was between surgeries so they got a chance to chat. It is very close to the wrist and may or may not involve the wrist. They both agreed the wrist is a more complex area than just the arm, especially the wrist of a 15 month old. So before we can make any plans about removal we need to get an MRI done. So we are having an MRI done Tuesday afternoon and of course she will need to be under anesthesia because she can't sit still for 2 seconds let alone 30 minutes. Then we will meet with the surgeons again on Thursday afternoon and come up with a plan. It's one of those things where they won't know what it is exactly until they take it out, but they need to be extremely prepared for how they are going to take it out so it doesn't cause nerve damage to her hand. They could leave it in and just biopsy to verify if it is benign or not, but leaving a benign growth their might also impair some of her motor functions of her hand especially since she is so young. So I guess we need to wait until we get more info on Tuesday to know how to proceed. Keep the prayers coming, right now Adam and I need strength, wisdom and sleep, please pray for the doctors and pray for my sweet girl. I feel it in my heart that she will be fine, but I also feel like this needs to come out, so we need it to be done correctly. Otherwise we are doing fine, we are trying not to worry because that won't help. Luckily we are busy enough with everyday life to keep distracted. It's when we lay down to sleep that all the wondering happens. She is feeling good otherwise, she is protective of her arm, but I don't think she is in constant pain.

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